Massage Options

Deep tissue massages in Bournemouth

In need of an ironing out? This is the massage for you. A more intense and thorough refresher to reinvigorate a tired or stressed body. Commonly for people with aching shoulders and back from too much work.

Why choose our deep tissue massages?

  • Reduced tension in the muscles
  • Could improve circulation
  • May help you recover from soft tissue injurie
  • Increased flexibility and joint mobility

Benefits of a massage

At Bournemouth Massage Centre, our massage therapists can also assist you with muscular adhesion, long-term pain and postural problems. 

We work from the Sandbanks Yacht Club & are mobile to some extent.

Sports massages in Bournemouth

Complement your lifestyle as a performance athlete or sportsperson with a maintenance massage.

If you are suffering as a result of a workout or a sports-related training, I can work the injury with muscle lengthening, stretching and manipulation. I’ll also give you a personal customised treatment plan.

Remember, whether you are nursing, sprains, strains, niggles or something more serious, a sports massage doesn’t have to be painful.

How can a sports massage help?

  • Relieve muscle strain
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Increase motion in the joints
  • Enhance body performance
  • Improve body posture
  • Enhance body function by stimulating the muscles

Level 4 sports massage experts

Our experts are highly qualified sports massage therapists. We are level 4 sports massage experts and can help you with all types of sports injuries. 

Talk to a member of our team for more information on the services we offer. 07802833419

Relaxing massages in Bournemouth

Whether you want to unwind after a tough week or you are simply looking to pamper yourself, massages can be both an indulgence and a necessity. At Bournemouth Massage Centre, we offer a variety of unwinding massages that you can choose from.
Our massage treatments start from £25 for half an hour. Book an appointment with us. You can also contact us for more information. We currently work with clients from Dorchester to Southampton, Bournemouth to Salisbury – with appointments also
available in London.
We come to your house, at a time convenient to you or come to me at Sandbanks Yacht Club – doing our best to make your life easier and stress-free

Our experts offer

  • Head massages
  • Back massages
  • Lower Leg & Foot Massage
  • Full body massages
  • Sports Massage 
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Advice on posture, nutrition, health and wellbeing and much more

Special treatments

At Bournemouth Massage Centre, we also offer a special treatment. This can be a tailor made massage focusing on the areas you prefer. We don’t like routine so each massage is unique.

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